10 March 2012

PT 1st 4 the 2nd semester

Smlm(jumaat) adalah Progress Test(PT) buat module H&L(Haemopoitic n lymph). This module dikatakan module pling senang antara semua2 modul bg MBBS220 UiTM Shah Alam. So... my expectation is many students will got A 4 their PT n I think this BOY n this BOY also will excelent in their PT. 4 me... i really2 hopefully i pass this PT in order to regain back my strength from previous exam that really2 horrible....
Next module is Cardiovascular Module(CVS) which is one of the Killes module n they said that 1/3 of student failed for this module


Thats all i think. 

Till then.

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  1. serius aku banyak salah jawab semalam..aku x sihat la mase PT tu..