13 June 2016

Profesional Exam

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera, salam 1 malaysia, salam 1 uitm.(macam ade orang baca je blog ak ni LOL)

Last post 2014...😱😱😱

Since dah habis exam ni, xtaw nk buat ape, saja² la menulis kembali di blog ni yang dah penuh dengan sawang, tikus, ular dan 👻👻👻.  

So, i've decided to tell my experience taking the MOST UNFAIR EXAM in the WORLD which is PROFESIONAL 3 EXAM.

Our PRO 3 exam consist of Clinical part and Theory Part.

For Clinical part, it consist 3 component: Long Case, Short Case, and MME.

Long Case

This part totally depends on your LUCK + your knowledge as well. This part required you to take history(clerk) patient, doing Physical examination for 1 hour and then you have to present your clerking + discussion with at least 3 specialist for 30 minutes.

For me, i'm really grateful and Thanks to Allah that i got Obstetric case for my long case because my obstetric and gynecology was my last posting. I got High Risk Pregnancy case and my examiner was Dr Norneeza, Ms Suraya, Dato' Amin, n Dr Foo. i think because this is Obs case, Dato' amin not asking a lot of question. Just a few of them after times up. it went pretty OK but still i feel restless about it.

Other people that get RARE case such as Multipe Sclerosis and others. Some people they really² more knowledgeable than me but in the end, they are not lucky and Allah said that they had to extend for 6 month. Good luck to my friend who had to do Remedial. i know that all of you can do it.

Short Case

For short case, we will have 3 station. Each station will have 3 different Major posting and we have to demonstrate to our examiners how we do Physical Examination for 7 minutes and then we will had discussion for 3 minutes.

For short case, i did really² bad which it makes me to re sit my short case. I got Dato' Raja. Dr Chandra and Ms Ellina as my examiner. Students will know how i feel if they got Dato' Raja and Dr Chandra as their examiner.... My cases are Post Kasai Biliary Atresia with Chronic liver disease, Thyroid case, and Mitral Regurgitation.

For my Re sit  short case, i got Prof Sazzli, Prof Ismail and Prof MAR as examiner with Thalasemia case, varicose vein with atrophy blanche(x pernah dengar), and down syndrome. For re sit, these examiner determine whether i pass the clinical part or not. Alhamdulillah, it went OK for Medicine and Pediatric but for surgery....😭😭😭 

*Prof ismail saja je bagi venous ulcer yg uncommon at that site(dia sendiri cakap kat luar exam hall time theory.😅😅😅)

MME(Medical Material Examination)

This exam just same like OSCE and consist of Anatomy, Radiology, Microbiology, Surgery and Pathology.

i think thats all i want to write because i'm tired and got hunch about hypoglycemia so i need to rest a bit.

P/S: pls pray for our friends that need to do Remedial.